Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Sky

The sky is a strange thing you see,
Stranger than anyone could ever be.
You would've notice it's always up there,
Not like something that's lost which could be anywhere.
Sometimes the sky is blue in color,
Sometimes it's grey or darker.
In the daytime we can see the sun shining,
And at night thousand of stars twinkling.
The sky is very high as everyone already know,
And from it the cool wind blows.
It has fluffy clouds that could imitate
A duck , a cat or even a plate.
Things are always falling from the sky
Rain, comets and things that fly.
The time to stop is now or never,
Cos' like the sky I could go on forever
And ever and ever and ever.....

1 comment:

Usnavys Rivera said...

i like your poetry, m'ija